Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges

Find Your Smile with Metal-Free Bridges and Crowns in Bristol, TN

If you have a damaged or discolored tooth, your instinct might be to hide it behind your hand when you smile or laugh. But the world deserves to see your brilliant smile, and you deserve to have one.

Instead of covering up your smile, let it shine with our crowns and bridges in Bristol, TN. Call the general dentists at Bristol Dental Group to start perfecting your smile now.

How Crowns and Bridges Help Your Smile

Crowns cover damaged, misaligned, discolored, or oddly shaped teeth to give them a more natural look. They sometimes go hand and hand with bridges, which help maintain the right spacing in your mouth if you're missing teeth. Bridges also act as an anchor for false, crowned teeth.

Choose Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges

In the past, bridges and crowns preserved your teeth, but they didn't give you the natural smile you needed. This is because most older models include metal lines, which look gray and unnatural. Instead of beautifying your mouth, metal bridges and crowns could make patients feel even more nervous about their smiles.

That's why Bristol Dental Group offers metal-free crowns and bridges that strengthen your teeth and protect your mouth, all while looking completely natural. When you choose us for your dental work, you'll leave with a smile you can be proud of.

Contact Us Today

If you're ready for metal-free bridges and crowns in Bristol, TN, call Bristol Dental Group at 423-989-3000. You'll feel completely comfortable whenever you come in for an appointment with us. We focus on making personal connections with each patient, and we never overbook.

Call today to experience our stress-free approach to dental work for yourself. We look forward to giving you the brand-new, beautiful smile you've been waiting for.